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The Raven Studio, a gallery of fine art, is a tribute to Howard L. Rogers, artist, illustrator and woodcarver for 45 years. Browse in a working studio, offering products from fine art, design and layout to woodcarving. The latter involves yacht nameboards, house and business signs, trophies, eagles, plaques, half-models, scrolls and capitals. The Raven GalleriesThe art entails water color paintings and pen-and-ink drawings including accurate representations of maritime craft, private and commerical, heraldic representation of family crests, letterheads, ship and aircraft insignia, business card design, logos and flyers. Visit the Raven Maritime Gallery and the Raven Art Gallery to view a limited sample of original work. Mr. Rogers creates handmade hardwood frames, gold-leafing, matting and bas-relief carving. The Studio, located at the corner of Severn Avenue and Second Street in Annapolis, Maryland, is a working studio with samples of the artist's work on display.

English maritime painter and wood craftsman, Howard Rogers, likes to think of his simple Eastport, Maryland workshop as "a little bit of British Empire in Annapolis." Named "The Raven" in honor of the majestic birds that traditionally inhabit the Tower of London, his one-man business produces some of the area's finest marine art work. Memories of Howard Rogers go back some 20 years to lives lived on boats out by the old Howard RogersTrumpy yard in Eastport, now the ChartHouse restaurant. Howard brings to The Raven all of the skill and technique that he has acquired over the past 45 years. He has made innumerable custom pieces of furniture, with Old World charm and skill. Hand-rubbed finishes give each piece the depth and luster that the wood deserves. Picture frames, mirrors, plaques and signs show off his carving ability as well as his artistic sense of beauty and balance.



  • Yacht Nameboards
  • House and Business Signs
  • Trophies
  • Eagles
  • Plaques
  • Half-models
  • Scrolls
  • Capitals


  • Paintings and Drawings of Maritime Craft
  • Family Crests
  • Letterheads
  • Ship & Aircraft insignia
  • Business card design
  • Logos & Flyers


  • Gold leafing
  • Matting
  • Bas-relief carving


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