Satellite Sighting Data Online

Welcome to the Starshine online sighting data system. This system will be used to predict when the Starshine satellite will be visible from any geographic location. For now, it can be used for MIR and International Space Station sighting data. Enter the month, day, and year (numeric) for the start of the period of interest (up to 10 days long). Enter latitude (positive for Northern hemisphere) and longitude (positive for West Longitude) for your location. Keep in mind the program gives any times that the satellite has an unobstructed line of sight from your location regardless of lighting conditions. For best visibility the satellite must be in sunlight while you are in darkness.
Date for which data is wanted:

Time Zone of Observing Location
Name of viewing location
Latitude of viewing location (degrees eg. Miami 25.80)
Longitude of viewing location (degrees eg Miami 80.25)
Minimum elevation (degrees)
Satellite to be observed

NOTE: This system is still experimental.

Online Satellite Visibility System by Azinet