The Starshine 2 Logo

"STUDENTS OF THE WORLD" at the top of the logo refers to all those individuals, both young and not so young, who have polished mirrors for this mission. The initials "RMNSGC" stand for the Rocky Mountain NASA Space Grant Consortium, which has consistently donated part of the money for mirror kit supplies and travel, ever since the Starshine program began in 1997. "US NAVY" stands for the Naval Research Laboratory, which has designed and built our Starshine 1, 2 and 3 satellites, and the U.S Naval Space Command, which tracks our satellites in orbit. "NASA" stands for the contribution to the Starshine program by several of its organizational elements. Its Goddard Space Flight Center provides the Hitchhiker system in which the Starshine 1 and 2 satellites have been mounted for their ride to orbit and subsequent deployment. Its Kennedy Space Center provides the Space Shuttle launch. Its astronauts from the Johnson Space Center (click here for biographies of the STS-108 crew) deploy the satellite into orbit. Its Marshall Space Flight Center coated our Starshine 3 student mirrors to protect them from handling damage and from oxidation by atomic oxygen in orbit and also produced our mirror grinding and polishing instructional video. "USAF" stands for the U.S. Air Force, whose Hill Air Force Base coated all our Starshine 1 and 2 student mirrors, as well as some of the Starshine 3 mirrors. The U.S. Air Force Space Command also tracks our satellites in orbit. The Bridgerland Applied Technology Center, or "BATC" has machined all of our Starshine 1, 2, and 3 student mirror blanks and is working on mirror blanks and the satellite structure for Starshines 4 and 5. "ADC" stands for the Aerospace Development Center, that procured supplies and shipped Starshine 2 and 3 polishing kits. "GV" stands for our outstanding and everfaithful web master, George Varros.

Starshine 2 Logo
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Mr. Stephen Myers has produced cloth patches for the Starshine 2 and Starshine 3 missions. Students and teachers desiring to buy cloth patches for the Starshine 2 or Starshine 3 mission may contact Stephen Myers at