STARSHINE 2 UPDATE - June 22, 2001

The Space Shuttle STS-108 launch, with our Starshine 2 satellite aboard, has been postponed until November 29, 2001. Engineers at the Naval Research Laboratory have completed the installation of 845 student-polished mirrors, 31 laser retrorefectors and 2 micro-jet thrusters on the surface of the Starshine 2 satellite shell in a clean room at their satellite assembly facility. They have also completed the construction and assembly of a pressure vessel and valve that will work with the micro-jet thrusters to spin Starshine 2 at the start of its orbital mission. Schools in the vicinity of the Naval Research Laboratory in southeast Washington, DC can make arrangements to visit the laboratory and watch their mirrors being vibration tested on the Starshine 2 satellite. Due to the aforementioned delay in the launch schedule, this vibration test has been postponed until July 2 and 3. Teachers wishing to schedule a visit to the laboratory should send an email message to Mr. Bill Braun, Starshine Spacecraft Program Manager, at or call him at 202-767-0695.

Photo by NASA
The satellite will be delivered to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD on July 9. Schools in the vicinity of the Goddard center can make arrangements to observe the satellite being integrated into its Hitchhiker canister sometime during the period July 12-18. To do so, please call Dr. Ruthan Lewis, MACH-1 Mission Manager, at 301-286-0818 or send her an email at .