Project Starshine In The News

January 21, 2003 News story at GoUpstate.Com
Students watch for their satellite to re-enter atmosphere

June 20, 2002 NASA News Release
Student-polished space mirrors ready for launch

May 25, 2002 FloridaToday.Com
Kids end year with projects

May 24, 2002 Colorado Springs Business Journal
Space cadet recruits students for space studies

May 16-31, 2002 Purple Mountain Press Online
The Future is Now

May, 2002 SunSpot.Net Ellicott City, Maryland
Project Starshine Fourth-graders at Manor Woods Elementary School recently...
(See story half way down the page)

May, 2002 The Circle (Malta)

The Newton CT Bee
Starshine Project Brings Hawley Students Closer To Orbit

April 26, 2002 Spaceflight Now
Disco ball satellite launched by shuttle falls back to Earth

April 23, 2002 The Sunday Times of Malta
Students polish mirrors for International Space Station

April 17, 2002 Scarborough Mirror
Mirror, mirror...

April 14, 2002 The Tampa Tribune
Pupils' Work Out Of This World

April 7, 2002 Elk Grove Citizen Newspaper
Students send mirrors into space

April 2, 2002 GazetteNet
NHS pupils shine in NASA work

April, 2002 National Space Centre in Leceister, England
National Space Centre is Polishing Starshine

March 27, 2002 Ventura County Star
Flory kids work on space mirror

March 20, 2002 Union-News & Sunday Republican (Springfield, MA)
Project for NASA keeps teens busy

March 16, 2002 Connecticut Post
Best and the rest for the past week (See last paragraph)

March 12, 2002 The Daily Herald - Everett, Wash.
NASA mirror project reflects team's pride

March 10, 2002 The Connecticut Post
Students polish up space project

March 10, 2002 Amarillo Globe-News
Perryton students polish mirrors for NASA satellite

March 8, 2002 KFMB Channel 8, the CBS affiliate in San Diego

March 7, 2002 The Edgebrook Times
Dan Tani tells of visit to space station

March 7, 2002 The Mail Tribune
Students work on a little piece of NASA satellite

The Pinecrest Tribune
Palmetto grad Dom Gorie returns to Earth

Feb 18, 2002 The Independent Record- Montana's Capital City Newspaper Online
Schooled in Science

West Middle School, Colorado Springs, Co.
West Students Touch the Stars

Jan 30, 2002 Kenai Peninsula Online
Students explore outer space from inside the classroom walls

Jan 17, 2002 Standard-Examiner/StandardNET
Teens help with Project Starshine

Jan 16, 2002 Space.Com
Bargain Satellites: Bringing Earth Orbit Access to The Public

Jan 2, 2002 Washington Post
All for One and One for All Rhode Island Schoolhouse Combines Classes in a Single Room

Dec. 21, 2001 Science@NASA
Christmas Starshine

Dec. 18, 2001 Science@NASA
Starshine Too
Spanish Language Version

Nov. 26, 2001 NASA Headquarters, Washington DC

Starshine 3

October 9, 2001 Science@NASA
A Disco Ball in Space - Spanish Version

October 8, 2001 Space.Com
Good Morning, Starshine! Student-built Spacecraft Dazzles

October 3, 2001 National Geographic
Forty Thousand Children Help Build Space "Disco Ball"

October 1, 2001 Riverdeep
Teaching the news.

September 30, 2001 Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Kodiak rocket gets off the ground

September 30, 2001 Space.Com
Last Frontier State Launches First Orbital Mission

September 29, 2001 NASA Kennedy Space Center
Publishers Photo Corner - Launch Images

Spaceflightnow.Com Mission Status Center

September 28, 2001 Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Solar flare sidelines Kodiak rocket launch

September, 2001 Purple Mountain Press Online
Kids Help NASA with Starshine Satellite

September 21, 2001 NASA Kennedy Space Center

September 21, 2001 Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Local kids' handiwork could end up orbiting the globe

September 21, 2001 Space.Com
Alaska Set to Host its First Orbital Launch

September 13, 2001 CNN.Com
CNN Goldin: Terrorists won't slow NASA

September 13, 2001 Space.Com
Space.Com NASA Chief Rallies Troops After Terrorist Attacks

Starshine 1
Starshine satellite grew from a dream and a theme
The Salt Lake Tribune -- Disco Satellite's Demise Witnessed Off Eastern Coast of S. America
Starshine to turn into a falling star
Students' Satellite Ending Its Journey [local]
STARSHINE satellite to re-enter Earth's atmosphere on Feb 18, 2000
Starshine Satellite's Return Sure to Light Up the Skies

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