Image of John Vasquez of the Naval Research Laboratory John Vasquez of the Naval Research Laboratory prepares Starshine 1 for vibration test. Photo by
Michael A. Savell.

Starshine 3 Re-entry Bulletin -Jan 21, 2003 06:26 AM EST
January 21, 2003 (11:26UT)

STARSHINE 3 RE-ENTERED AND BURNED UP IN THE EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE AT APPROXIMATELY 0540 HOURS UTC (A LITTLE PAST MIDNIGHT EASTERN STANDARD TIME, FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO LIVE IN THE USA). We are presently waiting for sighting reports, if any, and for final data from the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy satellite tracking networks to learn exactly when and where it flamed out. We will post all relevant information here as soon as it is received.

If you sighted the re-entry fireball, please send an email to the project director t In your message, please state your physical location when you saw it, as precisely as possible, and give us a narrative description of the appearance and description of the fireball. If you also obtained one or more images of it, please include that information in your message, together with your name, email address and telephone number. You will be contacted immediately and given information on where to send your image or images for evaluation by our panel of astrophotographers.

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