Project Starshine - August 13, 2000 Update

Starshine 2 will fly on Space Shuttle Columbia's STS-107 mission, which is presently scheduled to launch on June 14, 2001. If you would like for your school to polish a mirror that will fly on this satellite, ask your favorite teacher to click here for the Starshine School Participation Form, fill it out and get it back to us as soon as possible. There are only 495 mirror polishing kits left for the Starshine 2 satellite, so don't delay. We plan to mail your mirror polishing kit to you in late August 2000, so you can get started on it at the beginning of the fall school term in the Northern Hemisphere. All polished mirrors must be returned to us by the end of September 2000, so we can get them coated and installed on the satellite by the end of November 2000. If you teach in a Southern Hemisphere school, year-round school or home school and would like to have your polishing kit sent to you sooner than late August, please tell us in the "comments" section of the application form when to ship it.

We do need to let you know that the STS-107 mission will fly in an orbit that is inclined to the equator by only 39 degrees. Because of this low inclination, those of you who live north of 49 degrees north latitude or south of 49 degrees south latitude won't be able to see Starshine 2 appear above the horizon during its mission. For this reason, we're primarily soliciting schools in the latitude band between 49 degrees north and 49 degrees south to polish mirrors for this mission. However, if you live outside that band and still want to polish a mirror, please tell us so in the "comments" section of the application form.

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