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STARSHINE 2 UPDATE - September 21, 2001

The MACH 1 pallett with Starshine 2 shipped to Kennedy Space Center on September 21, 2001. Here is a NASA photo of Goddard's Karl Schuler, putting the finishing touches on the clamp band that will hold the satellite in place during the Space Shuttle STS-108 launch on November 29, 2001, and then release it upon

astronaut command late in the mission. Starshine 2 and its ejection system have now been mounted inside a Hitchhiker canister and are undergoing electromagnetic interference testing at Goddard. The canister will soon be mounted on the Shuttle Small Payload Project's MACH-1 pallet and transported to the NASA Kennedy Space Center for installation in Space Shuttle Endeavor's cargo bay. Starshine 2 is a hollow, 19-inch-diameter aluminum ball, weighing 85 pounds. Its surface is covered by 845 aluminum mirrors that were polished by over 25,000 students around the world, together with 31 laser retroreflectors. It also carries a new spin system, consisting of a Nitrogen tank, a stinger rod, a battery, a latching relay, and two microthruster nozzles, that will spin the satellite about its vertical axis, as viewed here, at an initial rate of five degrees per second, following its deployment from Endeavor in early December, 2001.