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Put the correct postage on the box and mail it back to us at Starshine Headquarters. We'll take your best mirror to the Space Optics Manufacturing Technology Center at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center for final cleaning, inspection, and the application of a protective silicon dioxide coating. Then, we'll take your coated mirror to the Naval Research Laboratory and mount it on the Starshine 4 satellite.

17 Be sure to have all the students and teachers at your school who worked on your mirrors print and sign their names on the sheet of lined paper that came with your kit. Label the sheet with the name and address of your school, together with your mirror number. Make extra copies of the page, if all your names won't fit on the single sheet. Fold the pages of names and slip them into the self-addressed return envelope, seal the envelope, put the proper postage on it, and mail it back to Project Starshine Headquarters. We'll scan your name sheets onto a CDROM and install it inside Starshine 4, so your names will circle the earth thousands of times, until the satellite descends into the denser regions of the atmosphere about eight months after launch and flames out like a meteor.

You might want to place your third mirror in your school trophy case, together with photographs you have taken of each other working on your mirrors, as well as any newspaper articles or television videotapes that your teacher may have arranged about your participation in this phase of the Starshine 4 project.

We hope you enjoy your participation in the Starshine 4/5 two-satellite mission. In addition to the Starshine 4 satellite on which your very best mirror will be installed, we'll be simultaneously flying an inflatable aluminized Mylar balloon called Starshine 5. By comparing the rates at which the orbits of the two satellites decay, we'll be able to make even more precise measurements of the density of Earth's upper atmosphere than we have been able to do previously. Thanks for the role you are playing in making this important experiment happen. Please ship your polished mirrors back to us by March 31, 2002. We're sorry to say that some schools don't bother to send their mirrors back to us at all. We'll use your second mirror to fill in for one of those schools, if necessary.

We wish we could send a cloth patch of the official Starshine 4/5 logo to every person connected with the project, but this is an all-volunteer, un-funded effort, so we can't afford to do that. However, you can see a copy of the logo on our web site under the Starshine 4/5 Update, and you can find out how to purchase a cloth patch of it from Stephen Myers of Chapel Hill, NC by sending an email to

If you have any questions about the project that aren't answered here or on the Starshine web site at, please send an email message to Starshine Headquarters in Monument, Colorado, USA at or call us at 719-488-0721, any day of the week, between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 10:00 P.M. Mountain Time.

A final note: If you notice any differences between the information on the video, which was made last year, and these printed instructions, which we've just recently revised, please accept the printed instructions as the final word.

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