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Contents of Starshine Mirror Grinding and Polishing Kit
Now, before you do anything else, completely unpack your Starshine Mirror Grinding and Polishing Kit, carefully sorting through all the foam inserts that hold the components in place. Lay the kit contents out on a table and compare them with the items shown in this photograph. Looking from left to right in the top row, you can first see a small box containing three Starshine aluminum mirror blanks and a glass optical inspection flat. This is the self-addressed box in which you will ship your finished mirrors and inspection flat back to us. Keep it in a safe place. Next to it on the right is the shipping box in which you received your kit. Displayed inside the box is a "dual-platform" CD ROM that is compatible with both MacIntosh and Microsoft-based computers. Recorded on the CD is an instructional movie of the entire grinding and polishing process. Also shown in the box is a videotape of the same process (some of you wanted the CD, while others asked for the videotape). To the right of the box is a copy of the printed instructions that you are now reading. Standing in front of the box are two brown glass dropper bottles. One contains a pink-colored, soupy slurry of 9-micron aluminum oxide particles and water, and the other contains Hyprez polishing lubricant. In the row below the dropper bottles is a stack of twelve lint-free lens tissues, a backing plate made of very flat "float" glass, and a sheet of lined paper which each of your mirror-grinders and polishers should sign. In the bottom row are 4 circular polishing pads, a plastic syringe containing green 3-micron diamond polishing paste, a plastic syringe containing blue 1-micron diamond polishing paste, and, finally, a self-addressed envelope in which to mail your signature page back to Starshine Headquarters in Monument, Colorado, USA.
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