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10 Place the glass backing plate flat on a clean paper towel on your working surface. Peel the slick backing from your second circle of Kempad polishing cloth. Discard the slick backing into a wastebasket. Place the circle of Kempad polishing cloth very carefully on the glass, sticky side down, just like you did in Step 5, and smooth it down so there are no wrinkles in it.

11 Remove the ball cap from the syringe of blue 1 micron diamond polishing paste. Press

Applying a pea-sized blob of the compound gently on the plunger of the syringe and squeeze a blue "pea-sized" blob of the compound onto the middle of the circle of fresh Kempad polishing cloth. This 1-micron paste has smaller particles of industrial diamonds in it than does the 3-micron compound that you have already used. It will therefore produce a smoother final finish on your mirrors. Once again, be very careful not to press on the plunger too hard, because you might waste the compound. Use the dropper to suck eight drops of Hyprez Lubricant
from its bottle and dribble them onto the blob of diamond paste in the center of the
polishing pad. Also, be careful not to let the tip of the dropper touch the blob of paste.

12 Place your #1 Starshine mirror face down on the blob of lubricated diamond paste in the center of the Kempad polishing cloth, just as you did in step 6. Polish the mirror for about twenty minutes, using a figure eight pattern and applying a very small amount of downward force. From time to time, use the edge of the mirror to work the paste back to the center of the polishing cloth. Every time the diamond

Applying a pea-sized blob of the compound
paste begins to dry out, and the polishing becomes harder to perform, add a few drops of lubricant and go on with your polishing. Do not let the paste dry out.
Close-up of mirror 13 Wash the mirror in running tap water, wipe it dry very carefully with lint-free lens tissue and examine its surface. Do not touch the mirror's face with anything but the lens tissue, or you will scratch it in the process of examining it. Wash your hands with soap and water. You should now be able to see very clear reflected images in your mirror. Keep repeating step 12, using less and less downward force, until you cannot see any significant scratches or dimples in the surface of the mirror with your unaided eye.
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