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Do not let the lubricant dry out while you are polishing your mirror, because you might damage the surface of the cloth pad with your polishing motions. However if you come to the end of a class period and have to stop polishing, it is O.K. to let the lubricant dry out overnight. Just stick a label on the edge of the glass, stating which of the two polishing compounds you're working with. Put the glass plate and cloth pad in a clean plastic bag, if you have one, and put it away in a protected place. Then, when you come back to work, take it out of the bag, add eight drops of fresh lubricant to the paste and start polishing again.

8 After about fifteen minutes of polishing, wash your mirror in running tap water and dry it off with a piece of lint-free lens tissue that is included with your kit. Do not use a paper or cloth towel to dry the partially polished mirror, because you will scratch it

Close-up photo of the mirror badly. Take a look at the surface of the mirror. You should now be able to see a blurry image of your own face in the mirror, because the surface is now beginning to become reflective. If you can still see lots of fairly prominent scratches in the surface of the mirror, add three drops of lubricant to the paste, and keep on polishing. Repeat this step until only very fine scratches or dimples are visible. When you are satisfied with the result, rinse your mirror in running water,
dry it off with a piece of lint-free lens tissue and set it aside, tilted stem down and face up, on a paper towel. Wash your hands with soap and water and dry them on a towel. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for your second and third Starshine Mirrors, using the same circle of Kempad polishing cloth and 3 micron diamond polishing paste that you used for your #1 mirror. Add a few drops of lubricant, as needed. When you're through, wash your second and third mirrors in running water and dry them with a lint-free lens tissue. Lay them aside on a clean towel, tilted face up. 9 Now that you've completed the first polishing step for all three of your mirrors, peel the Kempad polishing cloth off the glass backing plate. This is pretty hard to do, because the sticky stuff on the back of the pad is really strong. Find someone with good fingernails and strong fingers to do this job. Discard the dirty cloth pad into a wastebasket. Carefully wash the glass plate in running tap water, being sure to scrub away every bit of the sticky backing left over from the first pad of Kempad polishing cloth, and dry the glass plate with a paper towel. Wash your hands and dry them on a paper towel.
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