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You'll never to able to get every tiny scratch polished away, of course, but please do the very best that you can, since the brightness of the sunlight reflecting from this mirror in orbit is dependent upon how well you do your job. When you are satisfied with the result, wash your mirror with running tap water, dry it very carefully with a piece of lint-free lens tissue and set it aside, tilted stem down and face up, on a piece of paper towel. Do not touch the mirror face with your fingers after this point; the oil from your skin will contaminate the polished aluminum. A piece of lens tissue and the face of your inspection flat are the only items that should touch the mirror face from now on.

Repeat steps 12 and 13 for your second and third Starshine Mirrors, using the same circle of Kempad polishing cloth and Hyprez 1 micron polishing compound as you used for your #1 mirror. You shouldn't need to add any more polishing compound, but you can, if necessary. Do not peel the circle of Kempad polishing cloth off the glass backing plate until after you have inspected all three mirrors in steps 14 and 15, described below, just in case you need to do some additional polishing.


14 Take the small glass optical inspection flat out of the slit in the foam insert in the mirror return box, wash it in running water, dry it with a piece of lint free lens tissue, and dry your hands with a paper towel. Pick up one of your polished Starshine mirrors and hold the mirror with its polished face up. Have a second member of your team lay a

Photo of cleaning the mirror clean piece of lint-free lens tissue on the face of the mirror. Now the first person, the one holding the mirror, should grasp the optical flat by its frosted rim and place it down flat on top of the lens tissue. Make sure the arrow, which is marked on the side of the flat, is pointing downward toward the mirror surface. Then have the second person grasp the corner of the lens tissue and slowly pull it out from between the mirror and the optical flat, while the first person very gently presses the sandwich of mirror, tissue and optical flat together. Be sure to look at this procedure on the movie that came with your mirror kit, because this step and the following
one are really hard to explain in writing. The purpose of this exercise is to get rid of dust particles. When your partner has pulled the lens tissue free, the optical flat will be resting on the face of the mirror. Be very careful not to skid the inspection flat around on your mirror, or its hard glass will scratch your aluminum mirror.

15 While gently holding the optical flat against the mirror's face, tilt the mirror and optical flat until you can see the reflected image of a fluorescent light in the mirror. Incandescent light or sunlight cannot be used;

Photo of cleaning the mirror
the monochromatic Mercury line in fluorescent light is what we need for this test.
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