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Applying a blob of diamond paste squeeze the bulb gently, and drip eight drops of the lubricant onto the blob of diamond paste. Be careful not to let the tip of the dropper touch the blob of paste. That would contaminate the dropper for use in the final polishing step and cause bad scratches in your finished mirror. Put the dropper back into the bottle and screw the cap on. Set the bottle down out of the way.

7 Pick up your clean and dry #1 Starshine mirror and set it face down on the blob of lubricated

diamond paste in the center of the circle of polishing cloth. It is very important not to let any water get into the diamond paste. Be sure your mirror is dry before you set it on the paste. Polish the mirror against the lubricated paste on the polishing cloth for about fifteen minutes, using a "figure eight" pattern and applying a light downward force. From time to time, use the edge of the mirror to work the lubricated diamond paste back to the center of the Polishing the mirror
The paste turns dark gray polishing cloth. The paste will turn dark gray and then black from embedded aluminum dust as the polishing process goes on. The diamond compound does not get used up in the polishing process; it just dries out as the Hyprez lubricant evaporates. So, every time the lubricant evaporates, and the polishing motion becomes harder to perform, add two drops of lubricant to the paste and go on with your polishing.
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